My LG window AC was not working and I called upon a LG representative to check the problem. He checked it on 2nd May said that the compressor was faulty and will have to be replaced for which he told that the AC has to be taken to the service centre. I agreed upon it and my AC was taken away on 3rd May with an assurance that the AC will be given back within 3 days. He had told that the model is old and since old compressor is not manufactured any more, hence rotary compressor will be fitted. I had no problems with that. Now, its 15th May, and still no news is there about my AC. When called upon on 11th May, he told me that the AC would be positively delivered on 14th May Monday but in vain.

I am fed up with the followups and very dissatisfied with the service. I guess I will have to use the AC after the peak season of summer is over. Please look into the matter strongly or else I will have to look into other alternatives for a solution.

The Job no is RNA120501069648
Details :
OP Jalan
163, New Baradwari,2nd Floor,

Gaurav Jalan