Bharatgas @ M/s. Tirumala Enterprises, Humayun Nagar

By | December 1, 2012

Hello There,

It’s been a month now(3rd Nov’12), since I have booked for gas refill and met them in-person couple of times and both times I was told I will get it by end of the same day. I kept calling them, but there was no one to answer the phone. This is not the first, even last 2 times, they didn’t deliver it for weeks, then I went their office with empty cylinder and got the one by my own. I’m not sure whom should I report, I would appreciate if you can me help out with this.

Bharatgas @ M/s. Tirumala Enterprises (CC.661880), 10-3-282/2/A/48, Humayun Nagar, Hyderabad – 500028.

Customer number: 32573603

Sudheer Takkalapelli

One thought on “Bharatgas @ M/s. Tirumala Enterprises, Humayun Nagar


    I am trying to book gas cylinder right from 09/2/13 all the telephone numbers receivers are kept off hook. I am compelled to issue this message against M/s. Tirumala Enterprises located at venkatadri Nagar, Humayunnagar, Hyderabad. The service rendering by them is worst. I have also submitted my Aadhar Card xerox copy for which there is no acknowledgement till date. I therefore, request to book a refile cylinder from my consumer number 289096 immediately and may be delivered as it is very urgent.
    B. Rajeswara Rao.


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