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By | December 30, 2012

Respected Sir/Madam
One person is making claim that he will help us do part time job and earn returns and he claims as CDA for Relaince and asked me to fill an appln form and pay 25o/- for it. he also told that I have to take one Reliance Gen Insurance policy of 6500/- one time payment for twenty years and their is life risk and accidental insurance of sum assured of 5 lakh rupees , when I crossed check this from Reliance Gen Ins they said we dont have such policy and it comes under life insurance and even I checked from Rel life Ins also they also told that they dont have such policy so I think the comp is fake plz check and take aap action plz.

2 thoughts on “Brighturfuture Pvt Ltd Reliance General Insurance

  1. vadivel m

    I want to know all the rules&regulations and benefits of reliance general insurance scheme.

  2. vadivel m

    How many members taken this policy and got the scheme benefits so please give all the detaiils.


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