By | February 18, 2013

My loan account # CL664581.

This is regarding my loan ECS issue. I have closed my consumer durable loan A/c CL664581 last month. But on 5th Feb the ECS was presented in my account. Without any doubt I thought this would happen and called up to your customer care number yesterday as soon as I received a message on my mobile from future capital telling me to keep the funds available in my bank account. The executive response was not satisfactory, however he was at his best about his reply. Now I know, when I call customer care they tell me that the application system will get update by 12th Feb with this information and to call after 12th Feb.

The customer care response (email or phone) is not up to the satisfaction. They will respond to the email whenever they have time. They don’t have any TAT for the email. If so they have such thing, it will take atleast 7-10 working days. Till today i did not get my refund or an update from them. when i call CC now, they are saying again 2-3 days more. This is not the first time i had fought with CF, closing an account, getting an NOC is also like heights of peaks.

For instance to fore close an account in CF, first wait till 12th(their system will get update by this date), make a call to CC, request for foreclosure letter(it takes 2-3working days), go and pay at nearest branch, for getting an NOC to your email also you should make a call to CC after 10 working days to request it and atlast the NOC will be in you inbox with in 2-3 working days. This is the process for closing an account in CF.

For your information, My salary will get credit on 5th on every month and this month in some way the funds remained in my account. If there were no funds available, then the problem arises to me and the ECS would have bounced. I’ll have to pay the check bounce charges and so on for your faulty.

I’m having a very bad experience with capital first. Even though I’m taking precautions to avoid the disputes. It’s being repeating again and again. The customer service is not up to the mark. I’m not at all satisfied with all your norms as well.

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