DTDC courier service(Customer harrassment by the branch head of Raniganj DTDC COOURIER SERVICE)

By | September 28, 2013

I had approached the DTDC courier for the delivery of a very urgent document to my home. The DTDC courier service of SALTLAKE SECTOR 5 had looked up the particular pin code of my home area and they had said that the document will be delivered to my home. But when it reached the destined place my parents were told to collect the document from the office. The document was not delivered to my home. The pincode was mentioned 713358 and the address was :
QR NO-c/4/24,
Kunustoria area hospital,
P:O-Searsole rajbari,
Dist burdwan.

The incharge(phone number-8584054617) of the DTDC raniganj courier service accused me of TAMPERING with the pin code and spoke very badly to me. He harrassed me a lot and inspite of pleading with him to deliver my URGENT document he flatly stated that it cant be delivered and he doesnot want to talk to me.The DTDC courier service should have delivered it to my home since they had confirmed to me that it can be delivered to my home but the day it reached the courier service ,it was not delivered to my home. For validation i have the phone call recording of talking to the head of the courier office of raniganj. He even threatened me to meet at the high court speaking very roughly to me.

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