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By | September 16, 2013

This is a reliance smart no.From this year I am facing a particular problem repeatedly.Earlier rel used to deduct 30 rs any time and they used to give explanation that I have somehow activated it.But from this year new tactics they have adopted.In every 15 days they are deducting my balance by rs 3 in the name of USSD service charge.
1.I came to know that this deduction is done when a customer dial a number with star(*)other than any toll free number.I thought may be I have unknowingly pressed it.But there was no number in my dialed list.
2. Again balance deducted on 15 th Feb 2013.Same explanation given by customer care representative.
3. Again on 2nd March balance deducted for the same reason.
4. Balance deducted on 24th March,2013 again.Reason same.
5. on 14.04.2013 balance again deducted.
6. on 19.04.2013 balance again deducted for the same reason.
7. today on 23.04.2013 balance has been deducted at 10:39am. Reason same.

I am feeling irritated and helpless.From second time I was very much aware of the deduction taking place.I kept a sharp eye on this matter.Each time there is no number in dialed list.So I came to conclusion this is Smart’s tricks to deceive the customers and profit more. 5 out of 7 times I argued with Customer Representative and they refunded my balance immediately .But now it’s too disgusting.And one more thing,when balance is deducted,surprisingly the whole day my line to customer care gets busy.So its almost impossible to contact customer care on the same day.

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