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By | January 10, 2013

Sir,I read add of “falcon net marketing” in news paper regarding “website reading job” .I called given mobile number i.e. 09833857187 to Mr. Chaterji .He told me to send D.D of 2500/- .I sent him that D.D. on 4th December 2012. then He said that D.D. Code is wrong .Then again i sent 2500/- to him by cash deposite in ICICI Bank on 11th December 2012.then he promised to send me that job kit ,but till now I didn’t received any kit & whenever i am asking to him he always neglects my call. & says that i cant do anything.
So pls do the needful so that there should be a strict action against such compaines to avoid frauds.I am giving that company address below- Mr.Vaidyanath Chaterji,Santacruz,Mumbai.

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  1. manoj kulkarni

    by MANOJ KULKARNI on 14/01/2013
    Sir,I read add of “falcon net marketing” in news paper regarding “website reading job” .I called given mobile number i.e. 09833857187, 7738930639,7738931119 to Mr. Santosh.and this man’s any other names like Vikarm Chaterji, Vaidyanath Chaterji,Santosh Charterji. He told me to send D.D of 2500/- .I sent him that D.D. IDBI bank’s on 13th December, then He said that D.D. Code is wrong . then I sent him another D.D. Rs.2500/- SBI bank on 29th December 2012. He said that D.D. Code is wrong .so I send u r D.D. 3rd Jan. on Gen.post courier, Then again i sent 2500/- to him by cash deposite in ICICI Bank on 10th Jan. 2013.then he promised to send me that job kit ,but till now I didn’t received any kit & my D.D. & whenever i am asking to him he always neglects my call. & says that i am sending tomorrow. So pls. do the needful so that there should be a strict action against such companies to avoid frauds. I am giving that company address below- FALCON NET MARKETING, Poddar Building, Office No. 23,1st Floor, Tilak Road,Near Asha Parekh Hospital,Santacruz (W),Mumbai – 400054,Maharashtra,INDIA
    this no.s private 7738930639,7738931119 that man call and Catch him
    Mr.Chaterji’s ICICI bank Saving A/C. No.102601502805, Branch-Khar,West Mumbai. IFSC code-0001026(pls. do not deposit any Rs.My friends)

  2. Steffi rocha

    Same thing happwnd to me, i snt a DD of 850 n he said d DD no is wrong, n he said he is sndng me d DD back n he snt it via ordinary post, n as i did not rcv it n i thougt dat der might b sm postal problem so i snt another DD of 850 n i got a recipt dat he rcvd d money via post, n he said he will snd me d welcome kit via courier n nw last 1 n half month passed i did not recieve it n if i cl him he is nt rcvng my calls……. N nw wn i visited dis i saw mny such complains n i came to knw dat its a fraud thing…….. 8806623715


    I am very happy to join in “FALCON NET MARKETING”. Sms sending job and information are practical. Sms sending job is fast cash for me. I use to earn monthly rs. 20,000 + just by 8 hrs. daily. I am thanks to falcon team for giving me such an opportunity, after 2 months I started sms sening job, I am experiencing financial growth.

  4. Jagdish Deshmukh

    Dear Mr.Chatarji..

    We have sending DD on dated 06.02.2013. but till no any reply for your end.and why negelated my call. & when ur sending ur Welcome kit..Plz do the needfull. otherwise transffer my mony back.

  5. Dinesh ghawale

    I ,humbly request to all my dear friends don’t send any d.d. , cash and other information so all neglected these things this company is a REALLY fraud company and if you see company site the testimonials are given are also fraud so don’t west your time and money bcoz i had do these all things
    so i suggested to you if you are also the part of this so to claim on that company are you knowing that ideas like “Jago Grahak Jago” & take a slip of d.d. Or money order etc and many more for more helps or info find me on Facebook


    Hmm…. looks like someone need a price on his head.
    guys calm down maybe we are wrong about falcon or maybe right.
    Because there are lot of people who wrote a positive things about falcon.
    maybe 60% Negative and 40% Positive.

    I think that falcon isnt a powerfull company, I mean to say that lot people having trouble with welcome KIIT
    Maybe it needs a run.

    Well guys im doing work for falcon and they never disappointed me.

    Thank You,

    1. akshay

      You and the remaining 40% could are falcon agents which cheating or miss guiding other peoples.

  7. vivek

    In the company’s profile they mentioned that their company is working for more than 10 years. But as i searched, the site is registered only 201 days back. They are also not accepting cheques. Why?

  8. prachi prabhu

    i had sent DD of Rs 2500/- on 5th Dec 2012.i still hav d copy of DD with me .i just need to know whom to complain.1st i thought that dis santosh is cheating Goan people.but now i saw so many people having same problem.i dnt need welcome kit bt want my money back.in all d feedback exact same way is his response.name is wrong n sent n all.

  9. Jitendra Pawar

    I have send the 850rs dd on 1 jan 2013, he said that dd no. is wrong, so again on 5th feb i send and passed the dd to icici bank and he told within 8 days the kit will come to ur home, till yet the kit has not came. Why such thing happen is this fraud company?

  10. akshay

    Hello friends if you have spend lot’s of money in such fraud companies and din’t achieve any thing then i am here to help you there are many such site like falcon net marketing , by using your own knowledge you can collect all the information from such sites and can do your own online job without any invest the all job’s shown on falcon net marketing dose not need any kind of investment.
    1.first you need some source to get your earned money means the cash u have earned how could you get that so simple you should online bank account like Paypal,payza, liberty reserve etc .and creating an account in such online bank is absolutely free.
    2.the best work or job i experienced is PTC(paid to click)here u can earn just by registration without any kind of investment .
    3.second by adsence adhitz that is of Google this is also need no investment but u should have your own website.


    To Incharge

    I sent Rs.850/- sent on 2/4/2013 & received by him on 4/2/2013. now Exactly one month passed till date we have not received any letter and project so this shows that your company is not you might fooling us this is not correct please reply immidatly.
    Arvind limbekar

  12. Yogesh

    I read add of “falcon net marketing” in news paper regarding “sms sending job” .I called given mobile number i.e. 9619 503 237 to Mr. Chaterji .He told me to send D.D of 850/- .I sent him that D.D. on 14th March 2013. then He said that D.D. is wrong. he said he will send back that DD by Normal post. Then again i deposited 850/- to his bank account on 22nd April 2013.then he promised to send me that job kit ,but till now I didn’t received any kit & that DD also didn’t come back. whenever i am asking to him he always neglects my call. & says that i cant do anything.
    So pls do the needful so that there should be a strict action against such compaines to avoid frauds.

  13. Arvind limbekar

    I allready made complaint on FALCON NET MARKETING PODAR BUILDING

    MUMBAI . so for we have not receved any reply. sir like me so many people lost the money, please check and reply


  14. satyawan tambitkar

    very very very frod company please don’t deposit here please

  15. mohamed.ali

    Myself Mohamed.Ali according to your request i had sended a demand draft of rs 850 which has been lost by your member. before that they has promised me a providing the job of sms sending which has notgiven or informed about your next step but i beleve that you will take some steps to satisfy us

  16. crisana rebello

    Hey guys.I am crisana frm south goa.I hav sent falcon dd of 2500 4sms job On 12 august 2013 nw mre den mnth passed I didt receive ne kit.wen I call on no mentioned on website he said dat he sent me post on 21 august 2013 n if I didt recive maybe it got misplaced.so tld me 2wait for 1mre week n if it cumes bk 2him he will send me again.wen I caled hm last week he said wait wait ull get orelse he is teling dat he cn mak new account 4me n he will send by courier n I shuld send dd of 350 as xourier charge.he taught m fool 2belive him.I rld him its nt ma mistke dat it got misplaced n he kept ma phne.I tried him mny times he didt recive.

    So I cmw 2knw its fake.even if I send him courier charge wat gurantee was dr dat he will send me.actually by saying so he wanted 2get mre cash frm me bt I wasnt a fool 2belive him.infact he should hav sent me courier 1st coz he already has ma money n 1nce I get courier of kit I cn send hm 350 dd.coz even I after geting courier I dnt send him cash he wouldnt hav been lose co he has ma money.n den he cn also sdeduct ma money frm 1st salary or dnt giv salary oly.pls guys use sch brains b4 accepting his conditions sch.likdis many people abve I read hav dne foolishness by sending him twrice.

    Nw m gne go in his santa cruz office n get ma cash bk n if he deny ill complain cops n go wit dem bt I will get ma cash.2500 rs is nt a big deal 4me bt I dnt liv da people who cheat on me….cummon guys wake up..do a police complaint 2santa cruz police station frm werever u r by calling dem n provding falcon add.da mre complaints cops get da faster action will tak plce n also pls keep da original dd slip as proof.dnt throw out.its a proof dat v sent dem a dd of so mch money…

    Dnt jst sit at hme n thk.get up n ring da cops.
    Fight for ur justice n teach falcon a lesson

  17. ashwini


    like all above members i also have same experienced with Falcon Marketing . I paid Rs. 850/- with DD on 16-06-2013 till date i not received welcome kit. whenever i inquired he told me that he send it two times. now he can’t help me . afterwords he suggest me to do offline data entry work i’ll do it within 15days and submit 250 pages on 1.10.13 today on 05.10.13 they are replied me that you are disqualified because you are not submitted within time and your accuracy level not is 85% . now they are not give me job again. i lost my Rs. 850/-
    This is truely a fake site please not invest in it.

  18. abdul khan

    I was abt 2 invest Rs 850/- but thanx 2 u all guys i am saved from this fraud co.

  19. Makarand N Gaikwad

    Still I’m looking HOME Based JOB work. I also think about FALCON. But after reading, I get confused. Initially I asked FALCON about JOB, they ask for Rs 850 for Starter Kit. I cant understand, What is that? Even they are also not able to explain. But thanks all. Really such companies are taking advantage of peoples like US who really need job work from home. Because we need, they make us full.

    Once again thanks to all those who share.

    Makarand Gaikwad
    Pune ( Maharashtra )

  20. Samir N

    Hi…my sister applied for this by sending SMS (she had read in newspaper), and yesterday we received the envelope from falcon that contained information about their various work from home options. I was suspicious and checked online and found this forum. Thanks to all who shared their experiences, saved my 850/- bucks. Few thing to consider-
    1) what is need for converting JPG images to text? Will it breach any copyright for the books/publications who’s JPG will be sent to us for converting into text?
    2) Why DD payment only, no cheque?
    3) What is real value addition to our skill or even utilization of our skill by accepting tasks like – clicking on website ads, sending letters to 200 customers by post, sending marketing SMS, etc and receiving small amount of money for doing this?

    Its a non value add job for few bucks, all of us have potential to do something better.

  21. Elizabeth

    If you all know the mobile number of the guy who has cheated and even the branch office in santa cruz why haven’t any of you complained to the police. There are so many of you who have lost their money and should take a strict step towards stopping this.

  22. natasha

    Hi everyone
    I too was about to join falcon and was worrying my husband to pay the money. Luckily, I read all your comments just in time. This Mr. Chatterji told me I’ll earn min.25000 a month and I believed him and was about to make the payment today. Why don’t all of you go to the Santa Cruz police station and register a complaint. Also contact newspapers like Hindustan times, DNA, midday and Mumbai mirror to investigate this company and do an article on them so the truth comes out. Please don’t invest in any online company. Many are offering jobs that promise you the moon and all their positive reviews are posted by themselves just to fool people and make the company look genuine. BEWARE.

  23. rock star

    Thanks guys for your help. …………me to was going to give money to them bt after reading this m secure. …………..THEY makes us fool in such a way that they are best. ……bt this fucking company cheap 2 tky ka ……..i ll phone them n show their aaukd …………..We dnt care about money bt they cheaper cheated us that so bad they play with our felingg

  24. Raj Abraham

    Hi Guys,

    My name is Raj Abraham and I am from Mumbai. I was also cheated by this “Falcon Net Marketing” company. I will be filing a complaint against him in Santacruz Police Station this week and will need your support to put this guy behind bars.


  25. Raj Abraham


    People who are victimized are requested to come forward with their complaints at the office of Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of Crime Branch, C.I.D.,Mumbai (Contact Numbers : 22630829, 22641261, Contact Person – A.P.I. Ramesh Mohite).

  26. rohit

    Hi dilip could you give meyour reviews on falcon net marketing if it is a legtimate website

  27. Aftab

    Are u sure rakesh u r earning good from falcon coz I am gonna invest in falcon should I aftab from hyderabad


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