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By | October 13, 2012

one of the employee of the company denied to deliver the courrier packet at destination mentioned in cosignment note by saying that client wll hav to collect the packet from office. even he knows that client is a female he asked her to come at some other place to collect the packet. when she denies he talked very rubbishly and his language was very upsetting. that employee didnt deliver the packet and their website they updated as “dlivery requested at some other day”., this is a lie. this company gives false information abt their service at their website ,which is a misleading advertisement. when i talk wid company management they didnt take a notice of it by saying that its a minor thing. we lokinmg forward to u for judgement.
tracking number(as given by company in consignmengt note): 800993679357
name of that employee: pankaj(mob no 09582354486), laxminagar, new delhi
complain number(company): 0102015596

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  1. Ujjwal


    This is in regard to shipment with track id 801203889400.
    My dad went to get a phone shipped to mumbai and asked the courrier guy to pack and send the same. He charged 200+ rs and commited that he will deliver the same with a packing.
    When it was recieved over there. it wasnt packed and when i am talking to that guy he is talking nuisance.

    This kind of behaviour is never expected. Though i may be a small customer but such behaviour will sooner or later gonna effect your business..

    Please appoint some good guys and also one who abides by there promise


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