Hindu subscription scheme

By | August 31, 2013

On 09.0813, one Mr Naveen Kumar said to be RRE of The Hindu (RRE Code CD031095)called at us and canvassed for subscription for The Hindu under new scheme. Salient features of the scheme are
a) Rs333/- for 12 months subscription,
b) new improved layout,
c) improved language and d a gift of a travel bag.
I was a regular to Hindu since childhood and discontinued it in 2002 because of the drab language and beaten layout. Now I evinced interest and filled the form (order cum receipt No B g 035368 ) and gave my cheque for Rs 333/-. The above said RRE informed me that though the order form says receipt of gift it shall be delivered only the next day and the delivery of paper will start on 166.08.13 as per policy. next day I did not receive the gift nor any information. On 16th I didn’t receive the paper either. on 17th I found the paper at my door and again on 18th no paper was delivered. Irked I contacted the toll free no and the lady there informed me the PAPER WILL BE DELIVERED FROM 19TH. It did start from 19th and we received a call from the Hindu to get confirmation to the effect and promised that gift will be delivered to us in two days time.

Till now I have not received the gift nor your office contacted me.

The whole thing look a gimmick now as now the toll free no also has gone off and the RRE clearly cuts off my call
Now hereby I request you to stop supply of paper also. People believe media and you profess high standard of ethics and the way you have resorted to augment circulation by false promises pains. pl do not worry about refund of money as I understands your struggle to improve the circulation I am not interested in paltry money or gift but I am definitely keen to amplify deceit to the world in all possible forum through every possible source of communication
Above compkaint was made on 28th inst in complainy boards portal provided. So far no response. Why these sort of practical jokes are played by a media that too The Hindu professing over 100 years of ethical business. An apology id the least they can do if they are hard pressed for fulfilling their promise

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