By | February 9, 2013

I have a gas connection from HP Gas.
This is regarding the Aadhar card linked to the Gas Subsidy. I have been informed during my booking of a refill yesterday that if we do not submit a copy of the aadhar card to the gas agency, we will not be eligible for the subsidy.
There was no prior notice about this and even the government has not issued the Aadhar card to everyone yet. How can this be a compulsory until the cards are given completely? There should be a notice period given to the customers.
Please verify
Santosh Bingi

2 thoughts on “HP GAS

  1. Dr. E. Rama Reddy

    I got registered for Aadhar Card but still to get the card. What I have now is enrollment number. Can I link this number online? if so, please let me know the website address.
    Hope to receive a reply soon
    Dr. Rama Reddy

  2. Ahmed

    I have linked my hp gas with aadhar card last week , and i got gas Rs. 1164 after 7 cylinder, I am poor and I am not earning much money, anyhow I am surviving my life with low budget please cancel the link of aadhar card in order to i can get one cylinder Rs. 450.
    please look and consider my request , it would be appricated

    I hope you will do for the same

    Thank you very much


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