By | April 26, 2013

My had ordered for led projector from naaptol, it was cash on delivery, i got it on 25th april 2013, i got it for 7 working days even i ordered for emergency, it was not working when i inserted into laptop, even i got suggestion to use but not working finally, i found it is a defective product, so i sent it back to NAAPTOL, after completing the all proceedures after sending back the product i never recieved call for more than 48 hours, i myself called and asked for cash back and i clearly mentioned again that i dont want to recieve any of the product from NAAPTOL instead of that i want my cash back, they never turned up even after telling somany times.

at last i only called and asked for money they said as per the rule we dont give back money,

really fed up with NAAPTOL.

they are cheating people by sending waste product by courier finally they will end up by sending same defective product again n again.

it not only my openior, The Blue Dart courier people themselves telling per day minimum they will recieve 8-10 product back for NAAPTOL.

Kindly help to get back my money, its not matter of money it is also lesson them to correct.

Thousands of people getting cheated by them, kindly help them and stop them to doing nonsense and Earning money by this way.

Product details are below:

Product:vox led projector
Order No: 6336744
price- 14,796
mob- 9437818144


  1. vinay

    Oh my god! u have paid too much of money that proj costs 5999 in local market but here we can check it there and can buy

    and i saw soo many casses on Naaptol

    My suggestion is go to the nearest Police station and file a complaint against them

    as cheating case 420


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