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By | January 15, 2013

Letter #: NIA/MCR/10611-1/RB/sv Date: 8th September 2010

Divisional Manager,
The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.
Unit 111700, Asian Building, 3rd Floor,
17 R. Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate,
Mumbai – 400 001.

Dear Sir,

Sub.: Pre & Post Claim for Cataract Operation (Left Eye).
Ref. : Mediclaim Policy No. 111700/34/09/11/00016529 of Mrs. Neeta R. Shah
Re: CCN: MDI0744241, Balance Sum Insured Before Claim = Rs. 4,04,00/-

With reference to above, I am shocked to receive a Claim settlement cheque of Rs24,000/- (Twenty-Four Thousand Only) against my claim for Rs.81,924.81 (Rupees Eighty-One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Four & Paise Eighty One Only).

I wish to inform you that I am holding this policy for last several years and till date not claimed anything from NIA. And with my this first claim don’t want to have bad experience from NIA.

Vide REMARK Column in MD India’s covering letter mentioning your circular No.: NIA IC Circular, Cataract Surgery Charges payable upto Rs.24,000/-. I have minutely gone through the IRDA Circular, which very distinctly states that it is applicable to new/ renewal policies issued from 1st July 2010 and in no way applicable to our policy/ claim.

I therefore request NIA to immediately pay my full claim.

I am herewith returning the claim settlement cheque of Rs.24,000/- for reissue of full claim amount cheque.

Kindly do the needful and expedite the full claim payment ASAP.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Neeta R. Shah

Encl. Cheque # 445462 of BOI, Pune for Rs24,000/- issued by MD India
Duplicate copy of letter for letter receipt acknowledgement
Policy Copy
NIA IC Circular Copy

One thought on “New India Assurance – Mediclaim

  1. chandrakant khare

    I read with interest your case given in brief. I would like to have full details of the case as I have been paid Rs.48,000.00 against my claim of Rs.88,520.00 for cataract operations on both eyes of my wife. The Company refused my claim under the shelter of provisions of policy 2007 of New India Assurance. I am having my policy ever since 1999 and have never claimed any amount for cataract. I shall thank you to please send xerox copy of your case for which I will pay the cost. As there would be inordinate delay to get justice from Insurance Obudsman I am thinking of going to Consumer Court. Thank. C.D.KHARE, 206, CHINTAMANI SOCIETY, BABANRAO KULKARNI MARG, MULUND EAST, MUMBAI 400 081. MO : 9869412543.


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