By | September 22, 2012

Received mail from on 21.09.12 stating that complaint no 201213010001034 got disposed under complainant advised that complaint is not maintainable. BOS requirement not met, earlier dealt by BO 9 (3) (c) from Banking ombudsman.
1. It is not clear from the mail from where and who has sent me this mail ?
2. No one has informed the so called complaint no.
3. Against whom this complaint was made and what is the subject matter ?
4. Ombudsman office white disposing off the complaint, has not forwarded me that documents which have been relied upon by him ? And what about my submission of the facts ?
5. Whether procedure laid down under the act has been fully and properly adopted as I have not been consulted before taking a decision.

3 thoughts on “Ombudsman

  1. K K Garg

    Complaint No. 201213014003009 got disposed, under Complainant advised that complaint is not maintainable: BOS requirement not met: earlier dealt by BO 9 (3) (c)
    Banking Ombudsman

    1. pavan kumar garg

      Pl let me know the subject matter, place from where it has been sent, complaint against whom ?


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