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By | September 24, 2013

On 14th of September 2013 Saturday, This company named Omega Ifrastructure gave one Advertisement in Kolkatas local newspaper Anandbazar Patrika in the business and general information column that they require building roofs or land for Installation of mobile tower, they are offering around Rs 90000.00 (Ninety thousand) per month and around Rs 8000000.00 (Eighty Lakhs) as advance security deposit.

We have one old house , as our financial conditions are not at all good we thought if this comes genuine then we might get the chance to recover from our present situation and it may also prove a support carrying further treatment of my Mother as she is suffering from Ostreoporosis ( brittleness of bones) and treatment of other family members respectively.

When I called one of their given phone numbers, (Phone number- 08587894733) one lady representative received the call and introduced herself as Priyanka Sharma, she asked me the address and told me to wait for about 10 minutes , and she added that in the mean time she is going to check through satellite whether our address location is suitable for installation of tower. After some we had a talk over phone and told me that after checking through satellite now it is confirmed that our address is suitable for installation of their company’s tower. When I asked about the tower detail she told me they are going to install 3G tower ( i think Airtel or Aircel she told me). Now she told me that I have to get myself registered for the further procedure of installation and as a registration fee I have to pay Rs 2800.00 (Twenty eight hundred only) through their SBI account. She confirmed me that as soon as I pay the registration fee through SBI within two days their personnels are going to come with installation equipments and also tehy are going to bring the security deposit amount cheque as advance .

[ Please Note That: Priyanka Sharma when repeatedly asked by me whether after two days every formalities will be completed , each time she assured me that this Rs 2800.00 is the only amount which I have to pay and subsequently within next two days they are going to pay me the advance amount , that is Rs 80,00,000 in terms of security deposit for the installation ]

Somehow on 16th of September 2013 I kept mortgage one gold ring and arranged the amount , subsequently deposited the amount in my parents SBI account,then on 18th of September 2013, Wednesday I visited our local SBI branch with one cheque drawn in favor of ARVIND VARMA as per direction of Priyanka Sharma through SMS, she also provided the account number and over phone I told her the branch code through which I am depositing the amount,she insisted to deposit cash or bearer cheque, but I paid through Account payee cheque. She told me that Mr Arvind Varma is the person taking care of our region.

In the evening she confirmed me that payment was received and took my mailing address.

On 20th of September 2013,Friday I received a call from the number 09654309803 and a gentleman introduced himself as Rajen Kumar Singh and told me that they have already dispatched their company detail and letters through speed post on 18th of September 2013, when I asked that Installation was supposed to begin that day only and I was to receive payment from them, Mr Rajen Kumar Singh told me that as soon as I receive the speed post letter from them I have to give him a call.

I waited with patience and on 21st of September 2013, Saturday in the afternoon I received the Speed post envelope through post man.

When I opened the envelope there were some printed papers, the first paper was about Omega Infrastructures Terms and Conditions and there was one point where it is written – Government Tax 1st installment of Rs. 25,000/- and 2nd installment of Rs. 24,750/- Service Tax Customer have to pay within 7 days after receiving the Documents.
Next it is written that after paying this amount, company’s working team will come to site and star to install mobile tower.
In the next line it is written that Monthly rent and remaining amount will be delivered by working team.

When I called up Mr Rajen Kumar Singh and told him that this was not told before ,he repeatedly said that this are the company rules and I have to abide by this rules by paying Government tax amount Rs 25000 into one of their engineers personal bank account number which will be provided by them for further processing.

Till Monday 23rd September 2013, I repeatedly questioned Mr Rajen and he confirmed me that I have to pay only Rs 25000.00 but he didn’t mentioned anything about the amount they have asked as second installment of Rs 24,750.00 in the name of Service Tax.
On Monday when I cross-questioned him apart from 25000 is there anything I have to pay ,he said no , then I asked him till now why he was not mentioning anything about the second installment, he was just talking around the point and said that it is related to 2nd Installment, which I have to pay subsequently and is compulsory.

I told him to have a talk with his senior and deduct those two amounts from the security deposit amount they are supposed to pay and subsequently requested him to complete the procedure,to pay me the remaining amount and also start the installation.

On Tuesday over phone Mr Rajen Kumar Singh told me that already he discussed with his company seniors but they have told him that I have to make the Government tax and Service tax first, and any kind of adjustments like that are not possible because is outside company’s norms.

After hearing these I requested to refund me my registration amount of Rs 2800.00 because earlier they have confirmed me that in-case due to any reason installation is not done, they are going to refund me my money,in those documents also they wrote the same point.
Mr Rajen Kumar Singh told me to call Miss Priyanka Sharma as she is going to guide me regarding refund procedure but in vain she is not receiving my calls nor she is replying my SMS. Mr Rajen Kumar Singh told me to wait as he is going to message me the email id where i have to mail a request asking for refund, but nothing is provided to me nor they are entertaining my calls.

Note- In some places they have gave the name as Unitech Infrastructures and at some places Omega Infrastructure.
Address given as – 58-60,street no.7,tarnaka,hyderabad.
Numbers in Use- Miss Priyanka Sharma-08587894733/ Mr Rajen Kumar Singh-09654309803
The Offer documents they have sent, there are many errors because data doesn’t mach within the papers.
I think they have also send me some fake Governments documents or circular like, one in the name of Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India and another in the name of Government of India Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. In these two documents illegally they have brought in use our Nations symbol of Prestige , The Ashok Stambha, which is a criminal offence and punishable act I Think.

So this is my request to please look into the matter and kindly help me to receive back the registration fee and heavy compensation, because they have played with our emotions and shattered our hope.

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  1. Ketan Ghumatkar

    Same document and offer is received by me as well. I think this is feck and we should avoid this. Please take precausion from next time.

    1. basid sayyed

      if we pay service tax and govt.tex than how many deposite will get in first time

  2. sunil

    Hey my place is avalable u can contact me ph no : 9594202065


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