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By | March 3, 2013

I have obtained a Life Insurance Policy from Metlife presently names PNB Metlife to cover my and my family life by insurance Policy No,00641538 by paying yearly premium of Rs.80000/- p.a. for 3 years. As per the insurance norms of metlife, I was eligible for partial withdrawal which I applied and drawn during January, 2013 under the guidance of Metlife staff as per eligibility. Suddenly, during February i.e., 19th Feb.2013, I received a letter of communication informing me that they have preclosed my policy on account of “REM-contract Suspense Refund” and cnclosing the cheque for a sum of Rs.74014.67 by further deducting Rs.50000/- from my fund without even informing me or no communication.

I immediatly approached the staff of the said insurance Company and they asked me to submit a revival application along with a cheque for a sum of Rs.20000/- which I had sunmitted on 22.02.2013 in person which application was acknowledged. To my siurprise, again they had with a fresh cover note of same date 19th February, 2013 returned back the same closed cheque for a sum of Rs.74014.67 which I returned to them for revival which confirmed the closure again. But there is no reply to my request submitted on 22nd and also about my cheque for a sum of Rs.20000/- which they said to fill the shortage.

I pray the Hon’ble Court to get me justice by reviving my above Insurance policy which I have taken to cover my life and family life to cover the risk which the insurance Company has taken aedvantage by drawing my personal money of Rs.50000/- from my account illegally without even informing about the same. Besides I pray Court to kindly get me the damages and compensation for the agony and struggle which I have undergone and restore me justice and oblige.

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  1. ashok kumar ghai

    s ir, wanted to know the status of my policy number 00409358, customer ID. 20912460 as conveyed by LM-PNBMET ON 15-03-2013, AT 11:55:17 AM on my mobile no.9815247000. My address is 2602, sector no 47-c, chandigarh-160047. REQUESTED TO REPLY.

  2. S.V Sharma

    Sir, my policy no. is 00625112 and Cust ID. is- 21188081. i got the policy more than three years ago. During this long period i did not get even a single communication from metlife. Instead i used to get bogus calls on my phone no. 9414894474 for surrendering the policy. Axis Bank, (Rawatbhata branch , Chittorgarh Dist., Rajasthan) were also helpless in helping me in this regard. As a result, i surrendered my policy a few months back. I got exact 50% of my deposit ; Rs. 78000/- For the very first time, i have recieved a message from PNBMetlife on 14th March. 2013 which i have not followed. Please advise me clearly in this regard.


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