Reliance Netconnect 3G Dongle

By | October 15, 2012

I am using a Reliance Netconnect 3G Dongle. I have a 1GB Plan where any data usage above the same is chargeable. Now as per reliance official notification, I may check my usage through their website ””, by logging into the MY Account section and choosing the “My Data Usage” section. Now for my billing period 05/09/2012 to 04/10/2012 my total data usage on this official website shows 0.0745 (GB) or 76 MB in total.

However I have been billed for 1148 MB for the said period. On emailing them with the screen shots of the MY USAGE page the explanation i received for them was so dumbfounded and unjustifiably stupid, that it is insulting.

They answer is that their CDR shows my actual usage to be 1148 MB (something I do not have access to) and that the data usage details displayed under the Data Usage Tab through My Services Portal is an approximate figure and it may vary from the actual billed usage.

How can approximation be a difference of almost 1000 MB and how can the customer portal give the customer an estimate way below the actual usage. If this is the case, then kindly explain to me then how am I to know what the actual usage is.

And how can their official portal misguide a customer to believe that he has used less and then bill him more justifying the same based on data that is unavailable to the customer to monitor.

Their reply goes to show that in this day and age of literacy, knowledge, awareness and competition, they still consider their customers to be educated enough to be able to use the service, however also dumb enough to not question or understand what is being stated.

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