By | December 9, 2013

I have booked on line consultation by paying Rs. 245/- with RICHFEEL Tricology Hair & Scalp Clinic and visited their GK-2 Clinic on 29th Sep 2013.
After discussing my hair thinning problem they suggested me ANAGROW treatment 1 Year package worth Rs. 48000/- . As they asked I paid Rs. 36467/- as advance payment and they handed over me some medicines and daily use products as a part of treatment (I have all receipts). My treatment was suppose to start after a week or so as they took my hair as samples and after receiving my hair analysis report it would scheduled to start.

But due to some financial implications my family was not convinced over this huge spending therefore I called up the RICHFEEL customer care they asked me to send a mail. On 4th Oct I sent a mail as cancellation & Refund request , in revert they said they don’t have any refund policy but they’ll forward my request to their Senior Management. I have sent many mails and in revert they always assure they are working on it or they are doing it but it’ll take time. I have waited for 2 months in between I keep sending my reminder mails but they never updated me any development or progress of my case. In revert to my 3-4 mails they just sent same short reply that we are doing and it’ll take time. After 2 months long wait I sent another reminder in strict words that due to financial implications I can’t wait any longer for my refund so please expedite my case on urgent basis. I also asked them to clarify what should I do with the medicines and daily use products they handed over me at the time of advance payment which are lying with me completely sealed that also suppose to be returned but in spite of my continuous mails they never advice or discuss me about anything and till date I have not any idea what should I do with these medicines and daily use products. Now after kept me waiting for so long they just refused to refund my amount and offered me credit note to avail any other service or products from their clinic. This credit note is completely no use for me as I want my money back. I found it very unfair as I asked refund of my booking amount where I haven’t avail any of their service as my treatment was not started at all. Please help me in this regard.

Thank you

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