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By | March 7, 2013

My name is Amay Rana I am working in Ahmedabad I got a call from Mr Subhash from Roozgaar Job
Services from Delhi on 7/2/2013.He told me that they will help me in finding a good job and
than when I showed interest in that he transfer the call to his boss Mr Ajay and then Mr Ajay
explained me about their company profile and their services and then Mr Ajay told me that for
finding a good job for me they will charge Rs 1685/- .Then I have paid Rs 1685/- to them
through credit card Then on next day they called me again and told me that I have to do
profile verification and for that I have to pay again Rs 2022/-.I have paid again Rs 2022/-
through credit card. After this they told me that from next week I will start getting job
opportunity.I waited for 7 days I did not get any job opportunity then I called Mr Ajay Singh
again and told him that I am not getting any Job Opportunity.He told me that he will check and
call me back.Then after 1 hour he called me back again and said I have to take some more
services and for that I have to pay Rs 2695/- for that. I got a call from Mr Chetan From
Roozgaar he said to me that after paying if I will not get any job opportunity he will refund
my money and he will send a mail to me mentioning that if I will not get any job opportuniyt
he will refund my money.Then at that time I paid Rs 2022/ -to them through Credit Card.After
paying I tried calling Chetan he did not give any response and also he did not send any mail
to me. Then I got a call from Mr Subhash same person who called me 1st time and he told me
that I have to wait for 4 more days and after that I will start getting good job
opportunity.After 4 days he called me that we are not getting any good job for you so we will
refund your money.Then he told that for refund process again I have to swap my card.I swaped
my credit card again and again Rs 6403/- got deducted from my credit card.Like this I have
paid total rd 12806/- to Roozgaar company.When I told this to Mr Subhash he told me that the
servers are down and I will get my money back in 2 – 3 hours and till this date whenever I
call them they either try to avoid me or they tell me the same thing that I will get my money
back in 2 -3 hours.I request you to work on this case and solve this case so that I can get my
money back.I am providing you the name ,number and details of the company.


Aapka Roozgaar Services Pvt. Ltd.

17-18,Rachna Building,
3rd F 13/30, Ajmal Khan Road Karol Bagh,
New Delhi-110005
Contact No. 1800-102-2900 (Toll Free)
E-mail Id-
Contact Persons: Subhash,Ajay,Chetan.

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  1. akshansh

    they are one of the biggest online cheaters….never trust them,…


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