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By | February 14, 2014

Dear Sir,

As discussed with you, M/s. Shop It for Me is ditches me. They have committed so many thing to give as assured gift on shopping points to give Renault Duster or BMW car and so many gift and they have taken Rupees Four Lac Eighty Thousand nine Hundred Eighty Seven only through online shopping system. This is to mention that the products supplied against the payment is having very low standard grade. These are not the value of money. as they have charging much more. The details of my transaction is mentioned below-

Date SMP Details/ Order no. Amounts (INR)
08/02/14 7374 99997.00
03/02/14 7227 79998.00
03/02/14 7215 52998.00
05/10/13 4646 74997.00
27/09/13 4494 100000.00
28/08/13 3649 19999.00
28/08/13 3647 50000.00
28/08/13 3645 2499.00
28/08/13 3644 2499.00

Total 482987.00

This my humbled request to you kindly look into the matter and advise the party to return my money as early as possible. My self belongs to middle class family. and total eight persons are dependent over me.

Warm Regard,

Ritesh kumar Naveen

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