Simmtronics Tablet XPADx722, City Miraj 416410.

by gov_para2007 on October 2, 2013

I have purchased Simmtronics Tablet XPAD x722 from Homeshop 18, i received Simmtronics Tablet on 3-9-2013. It was having Problem regarding network selection, hence i submitted the Simmtronics Tablet at their customer care center at Sangli on 11-9-2013. They sent the Tablet to Simmtronics company on 12-9-2013, but till today 2-10-2013 i haven’t received my tablet by repairing or replacing. I am loosing my warranty period without using Tablet. I have mailed regarding this to Simmtronics at but i haven’t received my tablet yet. please help me for getting my tablet back with original warranty period from date of getting back.

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