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By | September 27, 2013

I have got a phone call from step4career representative to registered with them to get a good job. I had registered with them in the month of June 2013 & paid Rs 2520/- as fees. Than after they borrowed money time to time & now the toll rises up to Rs 33288/-. Till date I did not get the job that they had confirmed. I need my money back. The phone numbers of the representatives are: 09212592814,09212592812,09212592813.

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  1. Rohit Modi

    2520, 3285, 4385Hi.. I am Rohit. I have also joined step4career. I have got a call from step4carrer representative to get registered with them in the month of June. They told me to pay one time registration fee Rs.2520/-. They committed that I will get relevant job by mail and interview call too. After some days, again they told me to pay Rs. 3285/- for profile verification. Again some days later, they told me to pay Rs.4385/- for job alert services. Till date I did not get any job that they have committed. Even, They told me that I will gate the Interview calls. But I have not got any interview calls. They took fees for profile verification and told that I will get the certificate within 15 days. But it is almost 3 months over and still I have not got my profile verification certificate. I used to call them so many time but they are just transferring the call from one person to other and replying that I will get my certificate but not giving me a date.
    This was the issue regarding Profile verification now about Job Alert services.
    They committed that I will get the 2 or 3 job alerts every week. They are giving me alerts but 3 0r 4 in a months. And most of these are not relevant to my profile. These jobs are for some other profile. After getting job alerts, I call them and tell them that these job alerts are not relevant to my profile but useless. Again they are just transferring call from one person to another. Still I am not getting the most relevant job alerts.
    I am just informing to all my friends not to believe on these consultancies. They just trying to get the money from us by making us fool. They are playing with our emotions by assuring us job guarantee. plz guys spare us.. There are many ways to earn money, don’t play with others weakness…probably now we are jobless but definitely are not helpless.

    1. abha

      Hi They are doing the same thing with my Dad..took the initial registration fees and now asking money for verification.

      Guys we should take action against such frauds..i have asked my Dad to log complaint against these guys.

    2. shikha

      i just read each and every thing regarding this company i.e
      and i am happy with all services and i perefered more frend to him..and actully i just paid 10k amount in account regarding job oppertunity and at last i got placed in ICICI Bank as a backend profile


  2. Ashish

    Hi Everyone is actually a fraudulent company which is indulged in cheating potential job seekers .Like you guys i am also victim of this company and given money for job alerts and for document verification in April 2013.This company is full of cheaters only and not professionals namely ( Manoj,Sumit and Kamal etc .) .If you visit company’s website that haven’t provided their postal address which supports our argument that this company is simply fraud .Despite my repeated mails ,telephonic calls and reminders they don’t respond and the only time they responded was when they wanted money from me .Please convey to all your friends and fellow colleagues to not to deal with this company as like me their hard earned money will also be duped .I am thinking of filing a case in the consumer court against this company .If anyone knows about the complete postal address of the company would request you to please post the same .

    With Regards

    1. Vaishali

      Ya i Agree with a comment with shikha i also placed in a small firm but i happy with that and really i paid 15k but now i am happy and happy with my firm also..
      thanks ones again

  3. Koushik Roy

    Hi Everyone

    This is Koushik. For the last two days i am getting repetitive calls from Step4career. They are giving me very lucrative job opportunities and asking for mere Rs 2000 for lifetime registration. Suddenly when they are following me up for registering right now to avail the best jobs it rang me up to search this companies profile in blogs. Thank you for all your efforts and comments in this blog. Now I will not reply to any of their calls. Please note the other phone numbers of theirs: 7503705173, 7503705177. The number mentioned by Pradeep are also correct.

    Hope this will give efforts to those who will get calls from this bluff.

    Best regards


  4. Sajeed Ali

    Hi Friends,

    Thanks for making us aware of this fraud company. Even I got a call yesterday and I am not gonna pay….

  5. Jayanta Banerjee

    This company had called me up in my mobile promising me for job in one of the Fortune-500 companies at atleast 35-40% pay-hike.
    They had taken the names of Tata Steel & Jindal Steel specifically during our telephonic conversation.
    At first, they offered me their services for Rs. 1800/-.
    Then, they asked another Rs. 3400/- for another of their service without which the 1st service also seems to be non-effective.
    In the same way, they had also taken another Rs. 4050/- and Rs. 6549/- for another 2 services.
    Total – they had taken Rs. 15799/- for their four numbers of services on 07/11/13 and 08/11/13.
    I suspected them when they asked for even more and refused to give more money.
    Later, they verbally promised to give me a consolidated confirmation of all the services I had borrowed by end of 08/11/13.
    But – I got nothing from them by that time.
    Later, on 09/11/13, I had sent a mail to them for stopping all their services for myself and returning the whole money back to me.
    Since then, they are playing Hide-and-Seek game with me and had neither paid me back nor given any assurance for the same.

    Please help me out in getting my money return.

    With best regards,
    Jayanta Banerjee

    The details of the company:

    Name: (Step4Career Services Private Ltd.)
    Agents I had talked with: Mr. Kapil Sharma (later heard that he is an Area Manager who does frequent travelling to different sites)
    Mr. Rathod (he works under Mr. Kapil Sharma)
    Mr. Ghosh (heard that he is only an agent of the company in Tata Steel)
    Also, talked to a lot of executives like Sanjib Jha, Sneha, Kalpesh etc.

    The numbers of the company I had called: +919212592812/13/14; +91-120-4853650

  6. Upal Mukherjee

    Hi Friends,

    Thanks a ton to all you guys (Pradeep, Rohit, Ashish, Abha, Koushik, Sajeed, Jayanta and Rishi) for providing valuable information and sharing your experiences with this fraudulent organization.

    I too have been receiving calls from Step4Career for the past 3 days and have learnt a hard lesson after losing 10000/- to these crooks.

    Initially, they promised me a job in a Dubai based company and asked me to register and pay for 2 services — Resume Dispense (Gulf) and Profile Verification (Both). Once I had paid 1350/- and 3400/- respectively for these 2 services, they again asked me to subscribe for 2 more services — Job Search Aid and Social Profiler. As expected, it arouse suspicion in me as to the credibility of this company, but after much coaxing by one of the executives named Kanishk (09212592812), I decided to proceed with the process. Thus, I ended up paying 4050/- and 1500/- respectively.
    Today, I received a BCF (Background Check Form) from their verification department and was requested to fill-up and send a scanned copy of the same to their email address Verification@Step4Career.Com. But to my utter amazement, they called me up at 06:00PM in the evening and said that an additional final payment of 4850/- needs to be made for a service called as Resume Edge. They said that my resume was “very lengthy” and hence needed to be made concise. When I lost my cool and said that they are not being transparent with me, they transferred the call to someone by the name of Ajay Chakravarty (09212592813) who gave me a marathon lecture on stuff such as “elite jobs”, “first impression”, “job guarantee”, “intellectual reasoning” and the like.
    I finally got fed-up and requested this guy to forward me a simple email with the list of companies wherein the vacancies were present and their corresponding details such as job role, emoluments etc. which I would take into due consideration and then proceed with the payment process. But in response, Ajay said that he couldn’t do so because he himself didn’t have all such info as of yet. But he did ask me to try and proceed with the service subscription by today in case I would like to avail the job opportunity and be assured of a placement abroad in the next 45 days.

    Out of sheer curiosity, I did a Goggle search on the company and found the complaints that you guys have logged in his forum. And when I saw the exact same scenario mentioned by you people and Ajay’s and Kanishk’s contact number in the details, I was convinced beyond any doubt that Step4Career is nothing but a fraud and cheat. It was at this point of time that I decided not to pay even a single dime more to Step4Career for placement purposes.

    I tried to make the scenario understand to that “Ajay” guy saying — “… there’s only so much a time you can keep a person in dark about the job prospects and ask him / her to continue paying for x-y-z services in the name of consultancy … after paying a certain amount of money, any individual is bound to ask for relevent details and discontinue the funds … you simply cannot expect him / her to believe on your words for an indefinite length of time…”. But all he said was “… I know of all these complaints … It is not my company’s fault … These guys did not complete their services subscription …”. I simply hung up hearing this, saying — “… don’t call me back ever and I don’t want to have anything to do with you folks at all …”.

    I would once again like to mention that had it not been for you guys, I would never have been able to know that I was being scammed out of my hard-earned money. Thanks a lot everyone.

  7. S Ahmed

    Oh God,, fallen prey to this guys. unfortunately did not done a proper research about this company and has paid 9250 of total amount to them. This guys are so lalchi i did not know. they are playing with emotions of so many job seekers by offering them lucrative job offers only verbally. When you ask to send the details of company or where they are coordinating for placement they ask for more money. they call only to get money from us.

    I pray to God that they shall be punished for all their misdeeds what they are doing. please help how we can lodge official complaint against them.

    1. Arun

      Dear SIR/Madam

      Thanks for your valuable comment. I have also paid approx 10000/ for 3-4 services in Nov 2013.
      After 15-16 days get a call for interview through company. and finally get the offer and going to join in Jan 1st week . Thanks to and Team . Specially executive Mr. Rahul, Vipin, Ajay who has provide me better job through his services.

      Arun kumar
      Pune, Contact me at+9190499867782

      1. S Ahmed

        Dear Arun,

        U r a lucky man that you have got a call and you hv been placed in good co. now. But to my utter disappointment after 3 months I have been denied of any further service as i did not agree to give more money for more of their services which they wanted me to pay and then go ahead. I already paid 9250 Rs and I am not getting any alerts or response from them. If they are professionals then they should immediately act on and provide me services for which I am eligible.

  8. Nikunj

    Hi dear All

    I am agree with Vaishali, Sikha.

    actually i had also get call from by 0120-4853650 but not by any mobile
    They are approaching for take the services, That time i was jobless. I had pay 1800/ and 3400/ for services . within a week i have got a call for interview by company and HR team has told me that you are refferd by . I got the job in my same field with better salary package. thanks to all entire team of who has provide me better opportunity.

    ** All Users of this group after read their comments . Step4career don’t provide Job its provide Opportunities.

    This is saying Becoz his executive tell me that time we provide opportunity not job.

    A minor difference between Job and Opporunity But Major Meaning of this two word Please concentrate on these two words. Thanks to All.

    1. S Ahmed

      May be in some 1 or 2 out of 100 they are trying to get some opportunities but not for all. Else why this much people will put their negative comments. I have not received any services from them till now after getting registered with them in Dec. 2013. If they are so much professional then by now they should have got some reasonable opportunity for me. As I denied them more money for more of their services they neglected me. I have not received any single correspondence from their end for the services which I have already paid (total sum of Rs. 9250).

      So Whatsay now.

      1. sj

        The group of fraud persons those are operating this company are themsef jobless.How one can expect from them to get any opportunity and job?All are advised to never get into trap of these peoples other wise you will end with lossing your hard earned money without any return.

  9. nikhil

    Hi i am planning to file a complaint against them and get our money back..if anyone interested do contact me i have lost around 10000 bucks on these fools..



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