By | January 17, 2013

My SCUP NO. SC 9830110000076
I invested money in UTI in the Senior citizens plan years back. I was given a court verdict in my favour with compensation against UTI to have the cashless facility of hospitalization treatment for Ayurvedic treatment.But the UTI was trying to evade the verdict and so again I approached the Consumer court , Kannur,kerala. Only after the court sent an arrest warrant to the Chairman, the UTI obliged to pay the compensation.The UTI gave me the list of ayurvedic hospitals with which they have an agreement .SO I availed the ayurvedic treatment in Amala Ayurvedic hospital, Thrissur, Kerala IN 2008.Based on their letter and the court verdict I got admitted again in the Amala Ayurvedic hospital, Thrissur,Kerala on 16 august 2012.When the hospital contacted the UTI the Amala hospital was informed that no hospitalization is permissible.Immediately I contacted the UTI Thrissur branch manager, Regional manager, chennai,Chairman UTI. Since I could not get any information from from any one of them I sent a series faxes,registered leters and emails to them.The uti authorities kept mum and finally when I sent fax that I would take legal action, they sent fax to the hospital to avail the cashless hospitalization facility on 22SEPTEMBER 2012 and I was discharged from the hospital. So far the UTI has not disbursed the amount to the hospital even after three months. Now the hospital is asking me to pay the amount since the UTI has not paid them.The uti is actually delaying and troubling me like this which is against the court verdict.Therefore I request you to take action for the redressal of my grievance. Since I am now in Taiwan with my daughter I request you to communicate with me in the email jikatt@gmail.com

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