Vishwamitra India Pariwar

By | January 30, 2014

hey i am thinking to buy a house through vishwamitra sahara pariwar .I just want to ask you guys wheather it is safe to invest in this company ,can i trust this company????

3 thoughts on “Vishwamitra India Pariwar

  1. Vipin Shah

    vishwamitra india pariwar is totally scam company. People sitting there only knows how to commit fraud and cheat people. They dont understand that money is earned with so much of hardwork. They are money eaters sitting ther. They all should be put behind bars for cheating and fooling people. This vishwamitra india pariwar is fraud company please dont invest in this stupid pariwar.

  2. Mamta Sharma

    This company has no idea how to manage their clients. People siting at Vishwamitra India Pariwar don’t know the needs of their client. They are Just College kids running a company and need to grow up seriously. They have not even registered their company.Better not to take the risk of investing in such company……………….

  3. Asha Negi

    I invested in this company called Vishwamitra India Pariwar .Now i am asking them for the refund ,they are not ready asking for the unnecessaru documents. They did not asked any documents when i invested in their comapny but now why they are asking?? What is wrong with them??? Can somebody help me ????


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