By | May 17, 2013

I had purchased a “Wonderchef Diamond Coated Pan Set with Free Recipe Booklet and 2-Anti-Bacterial Chopping Mats plus S” from Star CJ live. The product was purchased on September 21, 2012, the order number was 012-09-20-026229. And I had paid Rs.2371.42/- for the same. The product also had a __ year warranty
details as ANNEXURE I.
Within 2 months from the date of purchase the product was damaged and for that reason I contacted your employees and the same was replaced.
But to my bad luck the replaced set was also getting damaged within no time whereas it was assured that it would stay in good condition for long. I was unhappy with the results and called your employees to inform the same. And they in return assured me another replacement. However let me make it very clear that I am not at all interested in the replacement offer as I have lost faith in the product and the Company. And I also don’t have patience and time to keep complaining and getting the product replaced in every 2 to 3 month.
Please also note that as a consequence of your deficient service and the defective products sole by your Company, I have suffered undue hardship and mental frustration. I would like to emphasize that:
• You have been grossly negligent in resolving my complaint.
• I have undergone a lot of extreme stress and mental agony because of your deficient service.

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