By | June 6, 2013

i am a Pg aspirant Medical Graduate, qualified in NEET PG exams of 2013. As per the ministry of health the above link has been kept as Primary Registration cum Allotment website. Unfortunately after 112 attempts i couldnt register myself for the proces. My compliant is about the Help line … they have mentioned the following people and numbers as contacting details
Contact Us

Mr. Sube Singh, DS (ME)
E-mail : sube_singh55@yahoo.com
Phone : 011 23061467
Fax : 011 23061963

Dr. Sanjay Shrivastava, ADG (ME)
E-mail : adgme@nic.in
Phone : 011 23062493
Fax : 011 23061907

Dr. B.L. Sherwal, DDG (M)
E-mail : ddgm343@gmail.com
Phone : 011 23063220
Fax : 011 23012016

Dr. S. Y. Kothari, Spl. DG
Phone : 011 23062401
Fax : 011 23063542
I tried numerous times on each of the numbers but no response. Its eithre busy or no picking up of the phone. and by busy i dont think they are answering any other call. its just ringing out at the other end as i didnt get “you are in a queue” tone any of these times the phone were busy. So guessing they have totally ignored the 50000 plus candidates who are ought to get a reply fro those queries since they have paid more than 5000 rs for just attending the exams. This has been the classical attitude by all government institutions to the public.

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